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Somindra began its journey as a CCTV System Dealer in 1993 and is now a renowned System Integrator providing Solutions in the Video Surveillance, Access Control, Home Automation, Metal Detection and various other Safety & Security systems. Now, with the emergence of Digital Data, IP Networks, Bandwidth & Connectivity even in Remote Locations, it has embraced Communications as the Core Business. Thus, the various Solutions & Services, now being offered by Somindra, include Security Automation, Digital Video, Telecom and Networking.

Security Automation covers all the Solutions like, CCTV, Fire Safety, Burglar Alarms, Metal Detection, Biometric Identification, Access Control, Perimeter Protection, etc., and the Digital Video Solutions include Video over IP Networks, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Radio Links and through GSM / CDMA Mobile Networks. The Solutions in the Telecom sector include, Your Own Call Center, SMB Telesites, Power School for Educational Institutes & Janasamvad for Politicians.


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New Office at IT Park, Hubli,

INDIA SCL was allotted an Office measuring about 7500 square feet by the Government of Karnataka, INDIA. The Location of the Office is put in the website as the Corporate Office address.

 SCL recently completed a restoration of Video Surveillance Project at Almatti Dam Site in Karnataka State in India. The purpose of this project is to Remotely Monitor & Manage the Water Flow from the Dam Reservoir.

 SCL is in the process of appointing Franchises at selected Villages all over the state of Karnataka in India

 Aspiring Entrepreneurs, both Men & Women, can get in touch with us with your choice of location.

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