Who we are:

SCL – Somindra Communications Limited is a System Integration company floated by a family in India having a strong desire to do something very useful and relevant to the people in this world. As all the members are from the Rural Background and are aware of the life in the Rural & Remote areas. Also, some of them are very much well versed with the Communication, Information & Security Technologies. Though the family and members do not have a Business background and are First Generation Business House, the desire & acumen to do something Extra Ordinary in the Entrepreneurial Ventures is very much intended.

Our History:

Somindra started its activities way back in 1993 as a Partnership Firm in the name & style as Somindra Marketing, trading in Children Computers. After that, many Products & Services were added & deleted to stay in tune with the changing Market Trends, Consumer Demands & Technological Developments. Then it was decided by the Management that, the Video Surveillance Business, which was very new in the market with very meagre awareness, has a very huge potential to grow. Now after almost 2 decades, we have realised that it was a great decision, and are now a Leading System Integrator in India.

Our Business:

SCL has been keeping its Primary Focus on Technological Developments & Customer Demands to get into any Business for the past 2 decades. In accordance with this Principle, it has added a host of Products & Services to its Basket of Businesses. Though, the Major Activity has been Video Surveillance, the other Related and/or Additional activities like, Security Automation, Networking Solutions, Call Centre Services and Rural IT Enabled Services have been added during our course of Business Growth. A Brief of our all activities is as follows:

Video Surveillance: Usually termed as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) System Solution can be of Analog, HD (High Definition) or IP (Internet Protocol). SCL is competent enough to provide any or combination of all these Technologies to its customers as per the requirement. Indoor, Outdoor, Vandal proof & Weatherproof equipment can be integrated. The Connectivity & Networking Backbone for the System can be Wired or Wireless, and the Monitoring of the System can be On site or Remote. The IR (Infra Red), Low Illumination and Thermal Cameras make the Surveillance during Night & Darkness possible. SCL specialises in Designing & Delivering Solutions of any, all or combination of these Technologies.

Security Automation: Integrated Security System is the order of the day. Integrating Video Surveillance, Burglar Alarms, Fire Safety, Biometric Access Control, Perimeter Protection, Metal Detection and any Security Equipment, is the need of the hour today. The Challenges faced by the Security Industry to Protect Life & Property involves System Integration to the core. SCL has Executed many such Projects which involve Integration of various Safety & Security Systems and Equipment. In fact, the Uniqueness of SCL lies in System Integration & Turnkey Projects in the field of Safety & Security, with the State of the Art Equipment & Technology.

Networking Solutions: Wired & Wireless Networks is the part & parcel of the todays’ Connected World. Though SCL, is in to Designing & Delivering Networks relevant to Surveillance & Security Automation, it can handle any type of Networking Solutions to cater to the requirements of the customer. From basic LAN to WAN, MAN and VPN Solutions  through Cables & Wires or through Radio Links & Wifi Access Points can be delivered as per the Project Demands. Network Solutions requiring Integration of various media like GSM, CDMA, Radio, Wi-fi, Wi-max, etc., are delivered, as per the need.

Call Centre Services: This is a Unique Service provided by SCL to each & every segments of the society to have a Call Management System on the Cloud. In simple words, it is called as YOCC - Your Own Call Centre. Any Individual, Professional, Politician, Shop Owner, Small Business, Trader, Hotel, Hospital, Bank, School, Office, Event, Marriage, Tour & Travel operators, etc, can have a Call Centre of their own, without having to invest in any Capital Infrastructure. This is a Cloud Based Subscription Model that can be set up in less than 15 days, and works 24x7 all the 365 days.

Rural IT Enabled Services: SCL has ventured in to providing Rural ITES - Information Technology Enabled Services.

Graminseva.com, owned by SCL, intends to take the technology to the Rural & Remote ares where the population is almost deprived of such services. Thanks to the Communication Technologies, SCL has set up a Franchise based Model to deliver ITES in Rural & Remote India. The various initiatives taken by SCL to connect the Rural & Remote Population to the mainstream are:

Gramudyog.com: Rural Job Work Exchange Portal only for day to day activities pertaining to the life in Rural & Remote parts of India.

Graminyatra.com: Travel & Transport Needs Portal to facilitate only the Travel & Transport Modes available in Rural & Remote parts of India.

Graminvyapar.com: Buy & Sell Portal for the Items, Cattle, Vehicles, Properties, Produce, etc, pertaining to the Rural & Remote parts of India.

Gramindoot.com: Exclusive Rural & Remote Courier Service to Send & Receive Courier & Parcel targeted to Rural & Remote parts of India.

Graminvaidya.com: Online Basic Medical Advice Portal to cater to the Health of the Rural & Remote Population of India.

Graminvivah.com: Online Matrimony Service Portal only for the Rural & Remote Population of India.


Vision & Mission

SCL has nurtured many dreams in its journey so far, that are mainly focussed on enhancing the standards of life & humanity as whole. The thrust, right from choosing the activities, policy making, administering, delivering products & services, etc., has been towards co-operation, co-ordination & co-existence. Even today, our vision remains the same, and our mission to Endeavour our vision to perfection, goes on and on.



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New Office at IT Park, Hubli,

INDIA SCL was allotted an Office measuring about 7500 square feet by the Government of Karnataka, INDIA. The Location of the Office is put in the website as the Corporate Office address.

 SCL recently completed a restoration of Video Surveillance Project at Almatti Dam Site in Karnataka State in India. The purpose of this project is to Remotely Monitor & Manage the Water Flow from the Dam Reservoir.

 SCL is in the process of appointing Franchises at selected Villages all over the state of Karnataka in India

 Aspiring Entrepreneurs, both Men & Women, can get in touch with us with your choice of location.

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