CCTV Systems - The CCTV Surveillance is basically used as a Security System. Now-a-days, it has become an Evidence System that not only monitors, but also to records the proceedings. This System can be deployed in stages, depending upon the need & changing requirements. Any CCTV system can be as small as One Camera, One Monitor, One DVR (Digital Video Recorder) & Cable Length as required. It can also be as big as Any Number of Cameras & Monitors, Network Attached Storage, Customised Software and Wired / Wireless Network Connectivity. And, one can start with very small set up and gradually, depending on the resources, scale up to very big system.

 Types Of CCTV Systems are

  1. Hybrid CCTV Systems
  2. Digital CCTV Systems


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New Office at IT Park, Hubli,

INDIA SCL was allotted an Office measuring about 7500 square feet by the Government of Karnataka, INDIA. The Location of the Office is put in the website as the Corporate Office address.

 SCL recently completed a restoration of Video Surveillance Project at Almatti Dam Site in Karnataka State in India. The purpose of this project is to Remotely Monitor & Manage the Water Flow from the Dam Reservoir.

 SCL is in the process of appointing Franchises at selected Villages all over the state of Karnataka in India

 Aspiring Entrepreneurs, both Men & Women, can get in touch with us with your choice of location.

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